Taxi Tidbits

I have been driving a taxi most mornings over the last three months. Rising well before any hint of dawn, mostly I am driving mostly from 5am until mid-morning, taxiing all and sundry to and from Guernsey Airport, and elsewhere around our little island. Early on in the job, I found myself thinking about my…

Thirty: What Happens Now?!

Sense a change of season today? I have just finished a year working in the most rewarding position I’ve held in my life so far, as a youth worker. When colleague asked why I was leaving, I caught myself saying it’s ‘unfortunate’ the role isn’t financially rewarding. This is not what I truly think. What…

My Youth Club

It’s some feeling, leaving club after belting out Bohemian Rhapsody with operatic passion, alongside kids whose private lives I know to be traumatised and traumatising, having carved out of their day two hours of good, clean, safe fun. 

A Couple of Dear Old Dead Shags

The impossible majesty of a new day announces itself with the sun rising over Herm. A flock of ducks flies by, beating and quacking, in perfect V formation. He is gone, but he is present. He is free.

Talking Shop: Jobs, Careers and Callings

Don’t mind me as I eat my words about talking shop. I promise, it’s bloody interesting, with vicissitudes of gravity and levity that whip from heart-wrenching to hilarious and back again in the space of hours, sometimes minutes.

Early Bird Catches The Chirp

Mornings are an eternally appreciating asset: they increase in value as long as you own them. If you own your morning, you can afford all that your day demands of you.


AMA #5: “Is the West’s view of LGBTQ inequality in these countries justified?”

AMA #4: Money, Money, Money

AMA #4: “I used to travel with travellers cheques sewn and concealed in various places, no cashpoint cards, etc. How did you get by?”

AMA #3: Food

AMA #3: “Give us a quick breakdown and overview of the food in each of the countries visited, please?”

Big Up The Banya

As my body is being seared, and in front of me stands a burly Kyrgyz fellow, butt-naked but for his woollen hat, whirling a towel around like a lasso and causing us untold discomfort, it occurs to me I should write about the Russian banya.

Japanese Buddhism in Kyrgyzstan

Utkur knocks the gong, before beginning the mantra, “Naaam-uuuuu-myooooh hoooooo reeeeeng gehhhhhhh kyooooooo”, in a deeply resonant, throaty chant that sends goosebumps shooting down my arms and makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.


I spoke to Dima, an Israeli-born Russian who works as a security equipment salesperson in ex-Soviet republics. Dima has spent many of his adult years travelling and spent three of his younger years in hospital after having his arms almost blown off by a shotgun. For that story and for Dima’s thoughts on freedom and…


I spoke with Oscar, a Spanish 24 year old teacher of world history and bar owner living in Bishkek with his Kyrgyz wife.

On Letters

There is nothing in the digital sphere that can compete with the handwritten letter.


I spoke with Bema, a 31 year old Kyrgyz polyglot who formerly worked as a tour guide and owned her own pizzeria here in Kyrgyzstan.

Oh I Like to Climb a Mountain…

As I stop short of the precipice, I think, “Wouldn’t this be fun if there wasn’t the impending doom, and I had some gloves and a jacket and some boots on.”

Life is but a Dream Within a Dream

Wise words offer shortcuts into higher positions of perspective, attained without really having to ‘do’ anything, except meditate on the wisdom contained within the words you read.

Hot Curries and Cold Swims

“Cold is just an attitude, man!” I say to those who shiver at the thought of a wintry sea swim. “Cold is just a conspiracy of the energy companies and Dry Robe salespeople.”

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