Starting Tidbits, Quotes and Questions

Writing has a magical quality about it, externalising and untangling thoughts and feelings which would otherwise remain jumbled and unresolved in our little heads.

I have journalled sporadically for years now, sometimes daily, sometimes as and when.

I credit journalling with helping me make sense of my thoughts and feelings, making better decisions, feeling calmer, happier and more grateful.

Science has found journalling to aid anxiety and depression, boost optimism and gratitude, improve memory – and even immune function.

Yesterday I spoke to young person on the verge of tears at school. She had left her lesson and was visibly shaking.

I had her set a timer for eight minutes, and in that time write about her thoughts and feelings.

Eight minutes later, she had written a heartfelt poem, and was centred enough to go to her next lesson.

Journalling, if you will pardon the pun, is literally magic.

Starting Monday, I will publish a short and sweet journal twice-monthly on this blog, with:

  • One tidbit from me: a thought or idea or reflection worth sharing
  • One quote from someone else: a quote from a book or podcast or person in my life
  • One question for you: something to ask yourself, either to answer or just ponder

I hope you look forward to reading them as much as I look forward to writing them.

And a very Merry Frimas Eve to all.

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