Self-Bestowed Blessings and Time Running Out

Merry Monday to you, dear reader.

To start off your week, here is a tidbit from me, a quote from someone else and a question for you.

Let me know what you think, share and share alike, and have a glorious week.

A Tidbit From Me: Baptism

Baptism (baptɪz(ə)m), from Greek baptizein “to immerse, dip in water,” also figuratively, “to be over one’s head” (in trouble, in debt, etc.), “to be soaked” (in dye, in wine, etc); in Christian use, “to baptize,” ritual purification or regeneration by contact with or immersion in water. 

My swim-and-exercise buddy Lord Nash is in Morocco, teaching and running an English school.

I miss his presence for many reasons, one being the no-backing-out mutual motivation of deciding a time and place and saying we are going to do this, this and this together; then turning up, struggling through it, and feeling epic and invincible after it.

We celebrate youth and health by pushing the envelope, racking up hundreds of burpees and squats, training boxing and Muay Thai in our bathers, and swimming until our jaws chatter and fingers claw shut. Often, all before sunrise.

Since last I posted this blog, I have successfully cajoled five men into sea swimming with me.

  • A 29 year old said, “Thank you for accommodating me this morning man I wouldn’t have done it without you cheers. I feel great.”
  • Another 29 year old said, “Cracking chirp today mate, thank you for suggesting it.”
  • An 18 year old said, “It’s amazing how much happier you feel after exercising.”
  • Another 18 year old exclaimed something unprintable.
  • And a 16 year old said, “I feel invincible.”

These gentlemen have had trying times recently.

Stresses with family and illness and relationships and anger and bereavement, some recent and weighty enough to merit withdrawal from the world.

Yet they all agreed a time and a place, they showed up, they pushed themselves, and they felt better for it. Invincible, even.

Woes were forgotten during and put in fresher perspective afterwards: purification and regeneration.

I am thankful for our God-given ability to bestow such blessings upon ourselves. 

A Quote From Someone Else: Time Is Finite

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”

Novelist Paulo Coelho, Author of The Alchemist

(I read and sent this one to my partner, Alana, who gave me spelling-Nazi ammo by replying, “Love this one. So pivital!”)

A Question For You: Let’s Go!

My question, following on from the above, is this: 

What can you start this week – today, even – that you will regret not starting when your time runs out?

Hope you enjoyed the bi-monthly tidbit, quote and question from me, every other Monday.

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