Islander Interviews #4 – Richard Lord

I caught up with marine biologist, amateur photographer, sustainability proponent and fellow bicycle enthusiast Richard Lord to talk everything from electric bikes to waste recycling to childhood independence to home-grown melons. Read on for some fascinating ‘behind-the-headlines’ insights into some of the issues of sustainability facing Guernsey today.

Islander Interviews #2 – Daniel White

“I would like to change the way that every man, woman and child sleeps in Guernsey,” says Dan, 25. “I’ve been back in Guernsey now for two years, working initially as a nutritionist, then more holistically in the world of functional medicine, or lifestyle medicine. For the past 12 months we’ve been running community-based, lifestyle transformation programs, which we believe have been the missing link in primary healthcare.”

Islander Interviews #1 – Ben Duff @ Guernsey Amateur Boxing Club

With education overwhelmingly classroom-based and only so many other hours in the day, what activity is better suited for a child to positively spend excess energy whilst developing discipline, learning and earning respect in an environment of peers all promoting personal responsibility and perseverance, whilst improving physical fitness and physique?