A Christmas Message :-)

A fellow student of mine at university, a well-meaning lad, said the following in an ethics seminar: “Money can’t buy you happiness, but I would much rather cry in a Ferrari.”

This kind of vapid blather belongs on Facebook memes shared by teenagers, not at university. Perhaps this is the reason why German universities didn’t let students contribute in seminars until late into last century.

Anyhow, I was reminded of this moronic utterance when I heard Tyson Fury retell the story of a suicide attempt which, thankfully, he pulled out of last second. The heavyweight champion of the world had ballooned to thirty-odd stone, drinking twenty pints a day, and snorting cocaine like it was going out of fashion – a heart attack waiting to happen.

He decided to speed up the suicidal process by driving his Ferrari off a bridge. The Gypsy King, rich beyond belief, the top of his sport – on top of the world! A fat and miserable addict entertaining suicide.

So you would rather cry in a Ferrari?

I had a dream last night, which catalysed this article, about a dear old colleague of mine in England. In real life, she is in her sixties and not in sterling health, big on betting and buying lottery tickets. Lovely woman.

In my dream, she won the lottery. Millions.

She was wearing a nice new jacket. I gave her a big hug and told her, “I am so happy for you.” I knew I was lying to her.

We were walking together, and she was hobbling awfully. At the top of Fountain Street steps, I had to lift her up from under her arms and carry her down, like a baby. It was sad.

People miserably confuse money and the things it can buy with happiness and health. This miserable mistake is at the root of much unhappiness. Maybe most, our corner of the world.

At Christmas time, it is important to remember that the things we give and receive are completely meaningless, except to the extent they express the time and thought and love invested into their creation or purchase.

It is time and thought and love we should share and cherish at Christmas, above and beyond anything that money can buy.

You cannot buy back time with loved ones, those lost to tragedies, whose memories we treasure intensely this time of year.

Money cannot buy you happiness.

You cannot buy love.

Merry Christmas.

And a Chirpy New Year x

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