Goodbye for Now: Adventure Calls

That’s it – I’m off!

For reasons discussed elsewhere, I have left my job and am boarding a one-way flight off my beloved Guernsey in T-minus 18 days.

That probably makes me one of precious few MLROs who have left the job for reasons unrelated to the role and its responsibilities. I happened to find it enjoyable. It certainly helped working with competent and chirpy people (whom I doubt will miss being hailed with ‘Wotcher Shag!’) The job itself: challenging, interesting, fast-paced; no two days the same; and it put to work the few skills I do possess (foremost amongst which: blag). It just so happens, for extraneous reasons, I am irresistibly compelled to travel.

That also makes me one of the (dumbfoundingly) few people feeling completely ready to settle in Guernsey, permanently and happily so, but again I find myself needing to take some time away from le rocque.

Travel where, do what?

To Morocco, teach English as a foreign language. Until term starts: walk, read, chirp, maybe some gardening – though I may well be too Irish in the skin to undertake such a task in the 40-odd degree heat. Then? Who knows, perhaps Vietnam. Maybe I’ll miss the air-conditioned office before I get so far afield?… I doubt it.

I’m of an ‘average’ or ‘adequate’ rating when it comes to music and sport, and I am not motivated to pursue them to improve, much as I like to listen to music and to exercise. Writing, writing’s different. I (like to) think I’m able to capture my thoughts and ideas in print precisely; even if I cannot, I (really) think it would please me regardless.

As it happens, I’ve developed a very modest but evidently dedicated readership who regard my written ramblings with insufficient contempt to stop reading. That is as nice as any compliment I’ve ever been given: readers optionally returning to subject themselves to these wandering ramblings.

So it is on that note I must say: there will be an open-ended hiatus on this blog-ramble-page. There will be ample material in Morocco worth writing about, and maybe if I find an (air-conditioned) internet café I will rattle some out. I hope they are things worth reading. If you suffered the mazy musings of an MLRO living on Guernsey, you can surely suffer anything, no?

To my family, friends, colleagues, and Guernsey: I will miss you, and wish you all the best, and cannot wait to see you again – already.

Until then, a la perchoine shags.

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