1IQ #1: The Deathbed

Most people get truthful only when death is imminent… Suppose I’m going to die now. Have I done things that are really worthwhile in my life? Things that I could be proud of? Things worth spending my life on?


Sit on your ass and stare at your navel for long enough and things will sure as hell become clearer to you. The yogis have known and practised this for millennia, hence why they’ve condensed some of humanity’s richest wisdom and prescribed some its most spiritually and physically beneficial practises.

Sadhguru’s one old soul of a yogi, who has taken an idea with a thousand different articulations, and condensed it into a simple ritual, which I will walk you through presently.

Tonight, when you go to bed, you go to your deathbed.

Tonight, you die.

Tonight is your last chance to look back on your life and see it for what it is, revealed in its true colours by the blinding blaze of impending oblivion.

Tonight, you die.

Do you die wishing you had done something?

Do you die with something left unsaid?

Do you die not having tried something you wanted to try?

Do you die without doing something for someone?

Do you die unsatisfied?

Do you die with a life that is unsatisfactory?

Do you die without having lived?

Tough. For tonight, you die.

Tomorrow, a new life will come into being, without these questions to ask and avoid and leave unanswered.

Tomorrow, that life will be lived doing, saying, trying, striving—this life will be lived!

But tonight, as you lie on you deathbed, you must pose and answer these questions.

For tonight you die.

And tomorrow, you are born again.

1IQ (1 Idea/Question) is a series of short and sweet pieces focusing on a single idea or quote. Quick, fun, informative, unique. If you enjoyed the piece, please do share and share alike on social media.

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