Wotcher, Welcome and Five Other W’s

Let us begin with our five W’s: Who, What, Where, When, Why?


Who am I?

Just another being, more beardy than most, aboard a triangular rocque, sinking into the salty surface of a spinning spherical rock, hurtling through the universe at an alarming pace, eager to quickly, quickly write something down before being once again hurled headfirst into a realm beyond, beyond rocks and words and websites and worries.  

I claim not to be an interesting person; still less to live an interesting life.


What do I claim? I claim to have an interest in life and an interesting take on life.

What I will be writing and you will be reading on this website are:

  • Articles with interesting takes on a variety of subjects.
  • Interviews with interesting people doing interesting things. 

Who will I be interviewing? Interviewees thus far include a marine biologist, a professional nutritionist, a boxing coach and the CEO of a local charity. Just to give you a flavour. Interesting people with interesting stories to tell.

Where and When

Where? Right here.

When? Monthly is the minimum. To stay updated, just enter your email address into the box at the bottom of this page.


Why? Why. Why is a weird word; the only of the W’s that it can sense to scream into the sky; a loud, lingering, unspecified “WHYYY?!”

For it is a weighty, self-contained word; the shortest yet most important question one can ask in life. Like Nietzsche says:

He who has a Why to live can bear almost any How.

My why for writing. Hurtling through this fleeting earthly experience as we are, the response we have is to grab onto stuff; be it food, faddy gadgets, furniture. We can’t take any of this stuff with us, and rarely do we pass it on. My wish is to pass on a couple of things: some children, God-willing — and some words.

Why write words for wider readership? Life is short. Far too short to recoil or retreat. Still too short to withhold one’s words. Better write them down, and why not on a website, where they might reverberate, reach people and resonate. They might not. But better to reach out than to retreat.

Better to write.

Better to say, Wotcher!

Welcome to my blog.

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