An Injurious Insight

Recovering from a heart attack may teach you that health is wealth, which you should treasure and should stop squandering on cigarettes. Healing a cracked rib might help you appreciate the simpler joys of breathing and coughing and laughing—without recoiling with pain. Surviving a “near-miss” will teach you to appreciate life, to stop taking it for granted as if you are invincible and fated to survive every injury and illness en route to eternal life.

Dogs, Dinosaurs and Lesbians

A gay couple regularly babysat me from when I was a baby until I was a dinosaur. I don’t once remember thinking it weird that they were together; they were just people; I was just a dinosaur. Spending public money and time at school to direct my impressions of them would have been unnecessary. I don’t think I was lacking a lesson at that tender age, teaching me about the birds and the bees and the LGBTs.

Islander Interviews #2 – Daniel White

“I would like to change the way that every man, woman and child sleeps in Guernsey,” says Dan, 25. “I’ve been back in Guernsey now for two years, working initially as a nutritionist, then more holistically in the world of functional medicine, or lifestyle medicine. For the past 12 months we’ve been running community-based, lifestyle transformation programs, which we believe have been the missing link in primary healthcare.”

Intelligence at Play

Playfighting with kids this age and older, it’s not unusual to take a poke to the eye or kick to the crotch, either by accident or excitement. Playfighting’s complex, requiring intelligence. It is not a words and numbers game; that type of intelligence doesn’t figure. But without words and numbers Isaac was coordinated, unpredictable, aggressive, considerate, even caring—all at once, yet in just the right proportions. I’ve played with kids twice this age with impressive verbal intelligence, but they lack the intelligence to play properly.

Islander Interviews #1 – Ben Duff @ Guernsey Amateur Boxing Club

With education overwhelmingly classroom-based and only so many other hours in the day, what activity is better suited for a child to positively spend excess energy whilst developing discipline, learning and earning respect in an environment of peers all promoting personal responsibility and perseverance, whilst improving physical fitness and physique?

Wotcher, Welcome and Five Other W’s

Who am I? Just another being, more beardy than most, aboard a triangular rocque, sinking into the salty surface of a spinning spherical rock, hurtling through the universe at an alarming pace, eager to quickly, quickly write something down before being once again hurled headfirst into a realm beyond, beyond rocks and words and websites and worries.